Hola, my name is Aida Lugo McAllister and I have been cooking since the age of 12.  Cooking became my hobby while working full time as a cost accountant.  When I moved to Puerto Rico, I learned how to cook authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.  After discovering our special blend of herbs, vegetables and spices, I began to read books about food history coupled with traveling around the world to learn more about the different cuisines from other countries.

In order to make authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in the United States, every summer I grow our tropical herbs (culantro and cilantro), sweet peppers (ajíes dulces) and West Indian Pumpkins.  I look forward to planting and harvesting the tropical and non-tropical crops during the summer months.

I took cooking classes for many years with instructors who were Chefs from local restaurants.  In addition, I authored a cookbook as a legacy to the new generation interested in the Latin American cuisine.  After retiring from the accounting field, I am today a full-time food blogger and videographer.

I live in Indiana with my husband, Henry and my mom, Genoveva.  I enjoy reading books, entertaining and living life to the fullest.

My goal is to demonstrate how we can prepare healthy, flavorful and traditional Puerto Rican cuisine using modern cooking techniques and tools that will inspire you to cook and share these recipes with your family and friends.  My ultimate objective is to introduce our culture, custom and cuisine to those individuals that love history and food.

I would love for you to try making my recipes and provide me with your comments.

Other interesting facts about me:

  • I played the violin and was a majorette in High School
  • I love downhill and cross-country skiing, tennis, biking, hiking, and roller blading
  • I crochet and love decorating homes
  • I love to laugh and smile
  • I enjoyed backpacking on many mountains while living in Puerto Rico
  • I tuned up my own car in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s
  • I videotape and edit my own YouTube videos as of August, 2018
  • I learned to take shorthand in English and in Spanish
  • I excelled in Math and initially wanted to become a Math Teacher
  • I love Frank Lloyd Wright and visited most of his homes in the United States
  • I walk on the treadmill (3 to 5 times a week) and lift weights
  • I love sudoku and crossword puzzles
  • I completed my studies at the University of Puerto Rico (BA) and Indiana University (MS) (BA)
  • I traveled to Mexico, Europe, Asia, Canada, South America, most of the Caribbean and the United States

Other interesting facts about me that I have not mastered:

  • I do not like to iron
  • I was the only student that did not pass a stained glass class
  • I do not like to drink
  • I am not a good dancer
  • I plan to attend culinary school
  • I do not consume a lot of meat even as a child
  • I wish I was a better swimmer
  • I need to cut down on consuming so much chocolates
  • I want to learn a new language (French or Italian)
  • I want to learn to play the piano
  • I want to open a restaurant or café
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