Aida’s Kitchen a lo Boricua


Bilingual Puerto Rican Cookbook with 42 Classic and Contemporary Puerto Rican Recipe Favorites. I love sharing traditional Puerto Rican cuisine in a much healthier version while maintaining the flavor and texture of each dish. Each recipe will definitely bring out the tropical flavors and aromas in your kitchen.

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These classic and contemporary recipes are updated and modified, using modern cooking techniques and tools. The cookbook is written in English and in Spanish and consists of 42 authentic Puerto Rican recipes that I learned while living in Puerto Rico. Each recipe has a colorful picture that depicts exactly how the food is served on a plate in a Puerto Rican home. Pictures are included in the special ingredients section to demonstrate the actual product as a reference for purchasing purposes.

Furthermore, this cookbook was created as a legacy to the new generation interested in the Latin Amercia cuisine. In addition, personal story sharing, time-saving ideas, helpful cooking and food preparation tips are presented in this cookbook. Please review our policies:  Policies

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