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Coconut Eggnog

Beverages, Recipes

Our coconut flavored eggnog (known as Coquito) is a delicious cream-based alcoholic beverage that is served during the Christmas Holidays.

Limber de Coco

Ice Cream, Recipes

Limber de Coco is a frozen coconut flavored ice that is so refreshing and tasty during the hot summer months!  An excellent treat for both adults and children!

Fried Bread

Breads, Recipes, Snacks

Yaniclecas are fried, crispy and flaky breads that are sold along the beaches and marinas in Puerto Rico. An excellent accompaniment with your meals!

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Lunch, Recipes, Sandwich

A bocadillo de jamón y queso is a ham and cheese sandwich served on a long sub roll that is heated thoroughly on a grill for an amazing crispy and cheesy ham sandwich.