How to Grow Sweet Peppers Indoors

(Cómo Sembrar los Ajíes Dulces en Su Hogar)


Sweet Peppers (Capsicum Chinense) are known in Spanish as Ajíes Dulces They are native to Latin America and the Caribbean.  These sweet peppers are bright green.  However, when they are left long on the plant, they turn yellow, orange and red.  They slightly resemble the habanero pepper in appearance but are sweet with a unique aroma and flavor.

The sweet peppers (ajíes dulces) and culantro are the essential ingredients in preparing our famous sofrito (a puréed condiment), which is added to our stewed rice, beans, fish, meats and soups.  In addition, I package and vacuum seal the whole (or halves) sweet peppers (ajíes dulces) and place them in the freezer for future use.  I love to add them whole (or halves) to the soups and stews for a more flavorful dish.

Because they are seldom available at the grocery stores in the United States, I decided to grow my own sweet peppers (ajíes dulces) indoors during the winter months in Indiana.  Click on the link to learn How to Plant Sweet Peppers Outdoors.

Where Do You Purchase the Seeds?

When I started to grow my indoor sweet peppers (ajíes dulces) 7 years ago, I initially purchased my first seeds online.  I make sure to order the Capsicum Chinense because there are a variety of Capsicum sweet peppers online.   Click on this link for more information about our Sweet Peppers!

Every year I remove the seeds from my sweet peppers and store them in a plastic container so that I can use the seeds for the following year.  Let me share with you how it is done!

How to Remove and Store Sweet Peppers (Ajíes Dulces) Seeds!

Cut the sweet peppers in half.  With your thumb, remove the seeds.   

Place the seeds on a paper towel to dry.

Once the seeds turn to a dark yellow color, they are completely dry and can be easily separated with your hands.

Place the dry seeds in a plastic container to be used for planting the following year.    

Let’s Discuss the Flower Pots and Potting Soil!

Purchase several starter kits.  A starter kit consists of 7 peat pots (3-inch peat pots) and a tray.  The tray holds the peat pots.

Since I grow a lot of sweet peppers, I purchase many starter kits.   The potting soil that I purchase is the Organic Seed Starter for Organic Gardening.

We Are Ready to Plant the Seeds!

Add potting soil to each peat pot.  Gently press down to pack the soil, leaving at least ½-inch space from the top rim.  With a circular motion using a skewer, make a well in the center of the potting soil, measuring ½-inch deep.  

During the month of January is when I start planting my sweet pepper seeds in the peat pots.  This will allow ample time for them to grow 6 inches tall to plant them outdoors in May.

Place two seeds in your hand.

Drop the 2 seeds into the center hole.

Distribute the top dirt with your fingers to cover the hole. 

Pour 2 ounces of water on top of the potting soil. 

For each peat pot, repeat this process for planting your sweet pepper seeds.

Place the trays with the peat pots on a plant stand or tables (see above) near a window that will provide much needed sunlight during the winter months.  Water the plants on a weekly basis to maintain the soil moist.  Do not over water.  Every two weeks give the plants some plant food.

I live in the Midwest so we experience cold winters.  These are the basic instructions on how to grow the indoor sweet peppers in order to transplant them to the outdoor garden in May.

Click on the button below to watch my YouTube video on How to Grow Sweet Peppers Indoor!

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  • Very informative thanks

  • Is one able to grow this pepper indoors during the winter season? I have a large south facing window where I can place the plants.


    • Hi John, Yes, I plant the seeds in peat pots in January. You don’t need direct sunlight (my window faces North). However, you should have some sunlight coming through the window. In May, I transplant them to my outdoor garden or you can place them in large pots outdoors.

  • Can you grow them all year round INDOORS only? I have grow lights and wondered if I can grow them inside all year long. I live in Oregon where it rains constantly and I am afraid my plants will get over-watered. So with a grow light can I grow them all year long inside? Thank you.

    • Hi Jo Ann, I have a friend that grew her sweet peppers with the growing light during the winter months and planted them outdoors in the summer once they became 6 inches tall. I know that the plant will grow but I am not sure if you will be able to harvest any sweet peppers indoors. Every year during the fall, I bring several sweet pepper plants in pots indoors for the winter months. They live indoors but don’t produce any sweet peppers until I plant them outdoors in the summer. Since I have an outdoor garden every year, I never experimented the sweet peppers with a growing light. This can be a great experimental project! Please let me know how it works out!

  • I’ve got large healthy looking plants, but wonder when they will begin to blossom? We’re in SE Michigan, so I know the weather isn’t great for these beauties, but any thoughts?

    • Hi Linda, I plant my seeds in January indoors and let them grow until they get 6 inches tall. They are planted outdoors during Memorial Day weekend and after 1 month of being outdoors, then they will start blossoming. By end of August, I will be able to harvest some sweet peppers. I have never kept them indoors throughout the year. They like hot and humid weather. During the summer months in Indiana, we get hot and humid weather most of the time.


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