How to Peel and Cut a Breadfruit

(Cómo Preparar una Pana - Panapén)


To this day, I distinctly remember the wonderful experience of tasting this starchy fruit for the first time.  It had a tender starchy texture with a sweet flavor.   Even though the breadfruit is a fruit, it is; however, served like a potato due to its high starch content.  Boiling the breadfruit is the most common cooking method but it is also fried (tostones) and baked (flan).

I moved to Puerto Rico as a teenager.  Every three months, I would visit my uncles in the “Barrio de Candelero” in Humacao, Puerto Rico.   When it was time to return home (City of Humacao), my uncle would give me a bag full of breadfruits, mangos and avocados.  As of today, I can still eat breadfruit everyday.  It is definitely one of my favorite Puerto Rican dishes.

I purchase large quantities of breadfruit during the summer in Northwest Indiana.  Once they are peeled and cut into wedges, I vacuum seal the breadfruits and place them in the freezer for future use.

What is a Breadfruit!

The breadfruit is usually oval in shape and 6 to 8 inches long.  The skin color is light green with an irregular polygon pattern.  However, when the fruit ripens, it will have some red brown areas.  The flesh is white and starchy.  It has a unique aromatic fragrance.  The breadfruit originated in the South Pacific and is cultivated in the Caribbean, South America, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.  The official Spanish term for Breadfruit is PanapénHowever, we tend to use the shorter versionPanaswhen referring to the breadfruit.

How to Cut and Peel the Breadfruit!

Cut the breadfruit in half lengthwise.

Cut each half into four (4) equal wedges lengthwise.  The breadfruit should yield 8 wedges.

Peel each breadfruit wedge by inserting a knife between the skin and flesh.

Remove approximately ½ inch of flesh from the top of each breadfruit wedge.

Continue this process for the remaining breadfruit wedges.

Breadfruit Recipes!

In the recipe section of my food blogging website, you will find many delicious breadfruit recipes that are simple and easy to prepare!

Click on the link to learn How to Vacuum Seal Root Vegetables and Starchy Fruits.

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